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Removable Prostheses

       Workflows and manufacturing options

Digital technology is advancing dentistry in many ways, and newest to the game are dentures. With this advancement in the milled or 3D printed denture world come better fitting products that patients and dentists can both agree on!


 The digital denture process has the ability to streamline the time spent visiting the dental office. Not only is this a time saver to the patient, but it allows the dentist to save this data for future treatments or troubleshooting.

If you are unsure on which system to choose, we are happy to consult with you on a case-by case basis and provide any information that you may need. We’d be honored to be your digital lab of choice!

3D Printed Dentures


By making our dentures fully CAD/CAM we are giving our customer truer to impression quality restorations that further reduce distortion and increase retention.


FMR Digital center with 3D printable denture base and teeth are made of several acrylates which have been previously applied to the dental field and glued before post-curing utilizing the same material used for printing thus improving material performance through chemical bonding. 

Tooth shades on final materials are available in A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 & B2 VITA equivalent. Final denture base available in Original Pink, Light Pink, Reddish Pink & Dark Pink shades. 

3D Milled Dentures

FMR Digital Center with  Whitepeaks Denture pucks which are premium denture acrylic discs, produced by using a unique industrial process that delivers a solid, ultra dense 100% porosity-free puck. This reduces the build-up of bacteria forming on your digital denture, helping to eliminate denture breath for the patient.

The base is combined with multi-layer Whitepeaks Esthetic PMMA for teeth with shades available on all vita shade including OM2. 

These two materials are unify to produce the most esthetic, durable, porosity-free Denture for your Patient.

Premium Hand-Made Dentures & Overdentures 

Not all dentures are created equally.

Whether you need a full, partial, or dentures with implants you can have more than a denture, you can have a smile.


At FMR Digital Center, our commitment of quality and level of craftsmanship remains consistent in all removable prosthetic fabrication. We can provide you with a wide range of full and partial denture treatments.

Premium Dentures fabricated with Ivocap Precision injection system, Premium Teeth, characterized wax/set-up try-in and custom tinted denture base. We are part of philosophy for analog denture fabrication.

Call us today to answer any technical questions regarding our full denture prostheses and facilitate your patient's treatment.

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