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Implant Prostheses

       Workflows and manufacturing options

As an extension of Crown and Bridge treatment, implants have become the standard of care for treatment of edentulous and partially edentulous patients.


Various appliances can be fabricated to ease and enhance implant treatment in both their surgical and prosthetic phases. From proper diagnosis and treatment planning to placement and delivery of restorations, implant treatment can be straightforward and uneventful when working with the right lab partner.

Cemented or Screw Retained Crowns

​With the development of CAD/CAM systems, designing custom abutments has never been easier. We can now offer patient- and site-specific abutments in titanium, gold-anodized titanium, and zirconia.


Designed emergence profiles better complement natural tooth form and provide superior support and margin placement. 

Our preference at FMR Digital Center, in most cases, is to fabricate a CAD CAM anatomic custom abutment either in Titanium or a Ti-Zirconium hybrid custom abutment because we have complete control over Emergence profile, margin height and margin design, as well as angulation and amount of retention. This allows you to deliver an abutment and crown in perfect harmony with the soft-tissue architecture.

Cemented or Screw

 Retained Bridges

 FMR Center's Screw-retained bridge offers the patient the most aesthetically pleasing bridge available. Additionally, these bridges are removable for inspection and or repair.

The cementable alternative is well suited to many patients. When sufficient hard and soft tissue are present, prostheses can be designed to emerge directly from the gingiva, creating the aesthetics and feel of natural dentition. Additionally, the use of custom abutments to support a cementable full-arch bridge allows for low-profile restorations with minimal facial-lingual width.

This is appealing to many patients and can indicate a fixed solution in cases of limited vertical clearance.  

Full Arch Implant Bridges & Hybrids 

When a denture just won’t do. Patients want the security of a fixed, long-lasting restoration that looks and functions like natural teeth. 

Design choices are complex. Fabrication is complex. 

FMR Digital Center is an experienced partner. 

We’ve been creating solid designs and restorations cementable, screw retained or with telescopic connections that satisfy patient needs and desires as well as hygienic and prosthetic requirements for over a decade.

We offer different types of treatments with different materials for full arch reconstruction, such as full monolithic zirconia Prettau bridges, titanium hybrids combined with zirconia monolithic split design or HIPC ,new nano hybrid composite softer material for monolithic bridge, and thimble Ti bar with lithium disilicate crowns and pink composite architecture.

To plan your next case, consult with us , this is always free.

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