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  1. Visit login and click on ‘don’t have an account? sign up’.

  2. Click on ‘administrator’ under whichever category fits your business.

  3. Fill in your information, and check your email for the verification email / instructions to download the software.

  4. Once completed, click ‘Add New Partner’ and search for ‘’ to begin sending cases to our lab.



1. Go to and enter your Username and Password.
2. Click on “Connections”, then “Add Connection”.

3. Enter:
4. We will be notified to approve your connection and once this is done, you will be able to send us cases.


CEREC, PrimeScan

1. Go to, login, add FMRLab to your laboratory list. 


3. To start a case: enter patient information

4. Scan Patient

5. Select “NEXT”- this button takes you to the CEREC CONNECT PORTAL

6. Choose FMR Prosthetic Center as laboratory and Send case.



  1. Files are submitted to iTero where models are made and sent to FMR Prosthetic Center for final restoration fabrication.

  2. You can select FMR Digital Center as your lab with your scanner by selecting “FIND A LABORATORY”  using our or by going to

Others Call us to better assist you at 1-201-537-4864

Mail To Us

Rx Slip

Completely fill out prescription slip. Please check all required boxes to ensure your Rx specifications are met. Schedule patient accordingly – we need 10 days from the time we receive the case in the lab.  Shipping days do not count as lab days.

Pack Your Case

  • Place foam on bottom of box

  • Separate models, and secure impressions and bites

  • Arrange contents in a plastic bag for proper infection control

  • Place foam on top of contents

  • Add prescription

  • Tape box securely shut


Ship Your Case(s)

Once the box(s) is securely taped shut, attach a FMR Digital Center pre-printed UPS (available below) or FedEx shipping label to top. When sending two or more cases, please use one shipping label and pack multiple cases in each box.

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